Monday, December 29, 2014

Top Ten Posts of 2014

by Gregory A. Johnson
By Nigel Howe from Sydney, Australia (Fireworks  Uploaded by russavia) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
I am humbled by the number of people who take time to read what I write. Finding that God often allows me to be transparent, writing from a life that has experienced pain, hardship, hurt, trials, and tribulations on my journey as I follow Christ, I pray for his Spirit to encourage and inspire each reader.

Please allow me to share with you the top ten posts read in 2014:
1. Surviving the Storms of Life
2. Lent is a Blessed Time of Year
3. Trust God Even if You Feel Forsaken
4. Jesus Christ Will Return
5. The Cross and the Empty Tomb
6. The End of the Age
7. Gender Equality
8. Will You Dare to Be a Daniel?
9. Females Preach the First Easter Message
10. There is Hope in a Prison of Despair

Friday, December 5, 2014

Nothing Is Impossible with God

by Gregory A. Johnson

Nothing Is Impossible with God, by Gregory A. JohnsonWe are trained throughout life to reason things out. We are taught human reasoning skills throughout our education, and the training continues into the workplace. Human reasoning or logic is not bad unless we apply it to God and His Word. Human reasoning is the opposite of faith. Faith is placing our total trust in God and His Word’s application to our life and impossible situations.

Faith comes and increases by the Word of God. The more of God’s Word that we believe and obey, the more faith grows in us. God speaks His Word to us through the Bible and often confirms it through prayer and through other people. The Word that God impresses on our heart through prayer or the Word spoken through others will never be in conflict with God’s written Word. The more of His written Word that we learn, understand, and obey, the more we are able to discern and identify the many voices that we hear today. Everything should line up with and be in agreement with God’s written Word. As we learn and obey God’s Word, faith grows in us.