Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When Are We Most Satisfied in God?

by Gregory A. Johnson
When Are We Most Satisfied in God? by Gregory A. Johnson

I came across a quote attributed to John Piper saying: "God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him." The quote made me stop and do some thinking. I want God to be glorified in me, and I imagine you want God to be glorified in you—I don't think there is any question about that. A good question that generates much self-inspection is this: when are we most satisfied in God?

As I thought about that question, I jotted down some thoughts based on my own personal experiences.

I think am most satisfied in God when:
  • I am realizing His gifts of grace and peace in my life that are made obvious daily.
  • I am admiring Him and His work in His creation.
  • I am accepting His love for me that was completed and demonstrated at the cross of Christ.
  • I am receiving His forgiveness as I run to Him in repentance.
  • I am content with what I have, recognizing that all I have is given to me by Him.
  • I am praying.
  • I am reading and learning Scripture.
  • I am fasting.
  • I am allowing devotion to prayer and God's Word to be a part of my daily schedule.
  • I am following Jesus in point-of-need ministry. 
  • I am receiving the blessings of Kingdom citizenship.
I'm sure that this list is far from being exhaustive, and I imagine that I will think of more points as I do some additional pondering, but I was wondering, when are you most satisfied in God? Comment below and let me know.

Know that you are loved,