Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Picture of the Throne of God

by Gregory A. Johnson

"KorenGlory" by Vasiliy Koren' (ca.1640 - early 1700s) - Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia CommonsHave you ever wondered what the throne of God will look like? God's word gives us a vivid picture of it. There is a sea of people so grand in number that they cannot be counted. Every nationality and every language is represented (Revelation 7:9, NIV).

The position of those around the throne is significant. God and Jesus are in the center, and a sea of people is surrounding them. Angels are surrounding the sea of people. The sea of people, all in white robes are in the inner circle, and the angels are in the outer circle. The angels were created to serve God, but they were never redeemed. There is no need to redeem them because they have not sinned. The inner circle is saved for the redeemed—the ones in white robes. They have been bought back from a life of sin. The purchase price was costly; it was through the blood of God’s own son.