Friday, July 20, 2018

The Real Way to Life

by Gregory A. Johnson
The Real Way to Life, by Gregory A. Johnson

People work hard today trying to enhance their life through earning wealth and improving their body. There are multiple schemes and scams, offering us chances to get rich quick or a new diet, exercise plan, or pill that will help us live longer or better. You've seen the commercials on television or ads online. If you check your email spam folder today, you will probably find a few offers there. They all promise us a way to a better life.

God offers only one way to find life. God’s Word says: “In him there was life. That life was light (understanding, goodness) for the people of the world (John 1:4, ERV).”

The real way to life is found in Jesus, and he does not discriminate. The life he gives is for all the people of the world. Red, yellow, black and white, ALL are precious in his sight, and he loves each one of us, regardless of what we have done or what we have become.

You see, God's living Word became flesh when Jesus came into our world as a baby in a manger. His words and actions, the way he lived his life on earth, reveals God to us and how God desires that we live our life. That is light. Jesus is The Life, and he is The Light.

The life Jesus gives and the light he reveals is not just for certain people or countries. It is not based on the color of skin, gender, or where someone is born. It reaches through wealth and touches poverty. It breaks through the walls of racism and discrimination, the narrowness of sectarian blindness, and the bondage of dogmatic religion. The life Jesus gives is for all people.

Friend, the life that Jesus offers is the only real way. The question for us today is this: “Have I found life in Jesus?” If you can answer “yes” to that question, the second question is, “Am I sharing that life with others?”

If you have found life in Jesus, thank God for giving you that abundant and everlasting life. Thank God for the blessing of his light, asking him to help you share The Light and The Life with others. He will answer that prayer.

If you have not yet found life in Jesus, simply ask him into your heart and begin following him. He will give you his life while taking you on a wonderful journey.

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