Friday, September 13, 2019

Your Hope is Safe

By Gregory A. Johnson
Your Hope is Safe, by Gregory A. Johnson

The devil wants to take away your hope, stealing your present joy. He wants you to fear your future so that you will live each day dreading what lies ahead of you. I have good news for you today — the devil is wrong about you and your future. Refuse to give his lies any thought or energy. He has no future, but you do, and your future is bright.

As you follow Jesus, he leads, and he guides. There are valleys and there are mountaintops throughout life as he leads you down the path of righteousness and to your future glory. Your hope is in him and in his word. That hope is not wishing for, but instead, the hope that Jesus gives his followers is wrapped in expectation. Christ-followers live in expectation, knowing that Jesus keeps his word. All his promises given in Scripture will be fulfilled in and through his followers. You can count on it. You can expect it.

Always choose hope over fear. Fear, left unchecked, will eat away at the mind and body. That is why the devil wants you to live in fear.  He wants you to fear today and to fear your future. His goal is to destroy you. He works through fear. Refuse to live in fear.

Jesus’ goal is to save you. He works through hope—your expectation that he keeps his word. As you stay focused on Jesus, his life, and his teachings, your hope prevails. Scripture says, “Surely there is a future, and your hope will not be cut off” (Proverbs 23:18).

Beloved, hope wins over fear. Your hope is safe. No one can steal it from you. It is yours, so hope away, putting fear to flight. Your future is bright!

Know that you are loved,

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