Saturday, March 7, 2015

Why Does God Not Answer My Prayers?

by Gregory A. Johnson
Why does God not answer my prayers? by Gregory A. Johnson

Being in the ministry for many years, my wife and I have heard the same question over and over again. So many ask, “Why does God not answer my prayers?” They say, “I call out to Him in my time of need, but it’s like He is not even there.”

Please know that we must call on the Lord in truth, which means praying while expecting His promises for you as declared in His Word. It’s not praying for what you want; it’s praying for the promises that God has given you in His Word. So many today call on the Lord in their times of trouble, but they do not know the Word; they do not obey the Word. They ask things of the Lord that are not even in line with His Word. As we learn the Word and obey it, we can call on the Lord in truth.

When we call on the Lord in truth, we come to Him in total transparency. I’m always amazed at how some believe they can hide things from the Lord. We can hide nothing from Him. He not only has each hair on our head numbered, but He also knows our every thought, motive, action, and what is hidden in the deep recesses of our heart. Many Christians come to the Lord only in their times of trouble, trying to hide things that are not right in their lives—habitual sins, minds filled with things of the world, and hardened hearts. They call out to Him with non-repentant hearts. When He does not do what they want, they ask, “Why does God not answer my prayers?”

Those who call on the Lord in truth come to Him spiritually naked, hiding nothing. They come just as they are in total repentance, recognizing their sinfulness, being unclean in the presence of His holiness. They do not question His timing or methods in answering prayer. They simply stand on His promises. He is there to love and forgive. He is there to hear and answer. He grants them mercy while giving them grace and peace.

Beloved, call on the Lord today. He is there. He is close to all who call on Him in truth.

SCRIPTURE: “The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth” (Psalms 145:18).

PRAYER: Father, I come to you today thanking you for always being close. You are always here with me. I come just as I am. You know my sinfulness. I’m dependent on you for your grace and mercy. Usher me into your holiness today as I follow Jesus. Meet my needs according to your promises. My greatest need is more of you. Fill me with a fullness of your Holy Spirit. I long for you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Excerpted from the book, Be Encouraged: A Daily Devotional, Volume 1 by Gregory A. Johnson. Copyright © by Gregory A. Johnson. All rights reserved.